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Blake Woods Design creates interior spaces which reflect the collaborative efforts of his clients and his design team. For more that twenty-five years Blake’s creative talents prove to have impact and purpose on environments created for residential, commercial, or hospitality projects.

About Blake Woods

Blake Woods is a fifth generation Texan with proud roots in Houston. “My Grandparents were both resourceful and spirited in their outlook on life; My Grandfather and Grandmother Woods taught me from an early age the value of having both technical skills and generosity, while my Grandmother Romine owned a small grocery store and taught me the importance of treating every customer with genuine warmth and kindness. My father was a dentist and taught me to be meticulous at my work and my mother taught me to be resourceful and to not be intimidated by any task. As a designer, I draw on their legacy in the way I go about solving creative problems for my client’s spaces, whether large or small.”

After earning his degree in Interior Design from the University of North Texas, Blake spent two decades honing his craft at three firms acclaimed as Interior Design magazine’s“Top 100 Giants”.  Blake was named Principal at Houston’s prestigious Ziegler Cooper Architects where he lead projects locally and nationally for many Fortune 500 companies.

“My design is strongly influenced by my Texas heritage, as well as my extensive personal travels and studies abroad in Art, Architecture, Interior Design and Decorative Arts. I began assembling collections at an early age, many I still have to this day, always listening to my personal voice on style and what inspires me.” Blake’s curiosity and passion for unique objects lead him to opening a one-of-a-kind curated emporium featuring rare objects, textiles, and furnishings to use in conjunction with his interior design studio. Traveling the world, near and far from furniture markets, estate sales, flea markets, and trade shows, Blake continues to curate interior spaces for his clients that are both sophisticated and playful while standing firmly on simple design principals. 

“I think in details. You could say I’m a translator for my clients in the language of construction, materials and the technologies currently available in the design industry. Add to that my passion for color and texture and the art of what is both sophisticated yet timeless and you’ll begin to get a sense of my design style.”

Blake Woods Design and his award winning Cricketwood studio have been featured in national and local magazines. His work can be seen throughout Houston on frequent home and garden tours.

What We Do

  • Private Residences

  • Destination Homes

  • Residential Renovations: Master Suites and Master Baths, Great Rooms and Kitchens

  • Furnishings & Window Coverings

  • Interior Design Management

  • Builder Specification and Finish Packages

  • Commercial Spaces

  • Hospitality



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